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25 July 2016

Studded with hooks

I want to talk about The Messengers.

That's just a series I found on Netflix a few months ago. I have no idea who made it, or what network it was on. It wasn't even a very good series. But it had one thing going for a: it was very loosely based on the Book of Revelation..

And by very loosely based, I mean that it borrowed its terminology from there. It wasn't even remotely biblical; it's pretty ironic to hear a character solemnly intone "We can't change the Book of Revelation" when that's exactly what the show does.

The fact is, though, that that biblical language draws people (like me) in who should know better. The story is a typical save-the-world plot, and the religion that God apparently prefers is a by-the-numbers pluralistic hodgepodge. Still, each biblical word is a hook that digs in. We're dragged in despite ourselves.

The only thing that makes The Messengers special is this reliance on pop Christianity. It's enough, though, to pull in millions of viewers who wouldn't have watched twice. But sometimes you want real food and not just a hook.

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