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26 December 2014

A little about me and the blog, in case you're new here

I'm Leslie Christopher Bloom, though I go by Chris. Only the gummint calls me Leslie,

The first thing you should know about me is that I'm a Christian. I'm also the husband of Lora and the father of Emily and Lesie . I'm American, white, and 40 years old. But really, the most important thing is know about me is that I'm a Christian who believes the Bible.

Oh, and I have locked-in syndrome. This means I have a perfectly good mind in a perfectly good body, with no real communication between the two. Basically, I'm paralyzed from the eyeballs down. This happened because of a stroke when I was 38, but it's seriously not as important as the other thing.

The blog exists mostly as a way of working out my own thoughts, and to give me practice writing. Here's the schedule: 

Monday- -- medical posts, and rants 
Tuesday -- book review 
Wednesday -- stuff for new Christianns 
Thursday -- book review 
Friday -- book review 
Mon-Fri -- a chapter of the Bible each day 

Weekends are for catching up, resting, and getting a jump on the next week.

Now go read your Bible. I've got nothing new to say.

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