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06 March 2015

Review: HEARING GOD by Dallas Willard

Willard is that rare and strange creature popular with both Pentecostals and Baptists. This book, though it seems based on the title would have a Pentecostal focus, is actually much more about prayer.

It's a truism that prayer is a conversation with God, but too often the conversation is completely one-sided. We present our wish lists to God and leave, not caring what the Maker and Sustainer of the Universe might have to say to us.

Willard's book is about the other side of the conversation; it's basically about learning shut up and listen to God is saying to us. It's a message we evanjellyfish need to hear, but unfortunately Willard's style is sufficiently bland that the message slips the mind.

I recommend this book for its arguments, but I don't for its presentation. It's an easy book to admire, but a hard one to love.

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