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26 August 2016

Biblical morality and REPUBLIC OF DOYLE, or Why would I want to watch things that helped kill Christ?

For those who don't know, Republic of Doyle is a Canadian TV show set and shot around St John's, Newfoundland and Labrador. I've wanted to see if for years, but could never find a way to watch it outside Canada. When it showed up on Netflix a few weeks ago, I was very excited to finally watch it.

I liked the first episode a lot. I liked the setting, the mixture of mystery and comedy, and especially the fact that the main character, while had all the accessories of a cool private eye (black leather jacket, GTO, perpetual stubble, the name "Jake"), he was kind of a dork. The second episode made me uncomfortable, though and I turned thie third off almost as soon as it started.

I haven't watched it since, and I have no intention to. Why? In the case of RoD, it's an appalling level of sexual immorality. With most shows it's either that or a comfort with violence, lying, theft, blasphemy, or something else forbidden to Christians.

I know I have have very high standards, and I'm certainly not trying to be legalistic and insist that everyone think like me. I was a sailor before I was a pastor, and I know that people have interesting things under their clothes and do interesting things with them. I'm not a prude.

I also know some things have been forbidden by God, and that Christians shouldn't even think about those things, much less watch and be entertained by them. As always, I just want people to think. If we worship Christ, how can we love the things that helped kill him?

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