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02 August 2016

What the stroke has done for me

More than three years after my stroke, I still can't reliably move anything but my eyes. It's a terrible way to live, and not one I wouldn't wish on anyone. But it's still taught me some valuable lessons.

First, by making me absolutely dependent upon other people, it's shown me that we're all absolutely dependent upon God. That's an idea that I've always given lip service to, but never really believed.

It's also taught me that eternity is closer than we think . There are several times when I've come close to dying, and I've got to be ready for it at any time. Again, that's something I've always said I believed, but it's really been driven home the last couple of years.

1 comment:

  1. Chris, thank you for this sobering message that we all need to hear. You & Lora continue to be an inspiration to me. God is blessing me & many others through you.