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15 July 2014

For those who don't know

The Bible is a scary book, primarily because it's so big. It can be intimidating to get into the first time. Hopefully. This will make it a little easier.

The first two-thirds of the Bible is the Old Testament. This basically the history of Israel down to about 400BC. It consists of the Law, or the first five books, the Histories. Which told how well Israel kept the Law, the Prophets, who called people back to the Law, and the Wisdom literature, which generally extolled the Law.

The New Testament takes up the last third of the Bible. It starts with the Gospels, four biographies of Jesus. It continues with the Acts of the Apostles, which is a history of the first 30 years or so of the Church. Then there are the Epistles, a series of letters that tell the new Christians how to live, and Revelation, a future history in symbolic language.

I may have it wrong, but I think that's a pretty good breakdown of Scripture.

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