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20 February 2015

Review: CRAZY LOVE by Francis Chan

I'm comfortable with a God who makes rules. I've never had a problem with them,or at least never had a problem getting around them, I've always thought I would've made a good Pharisee.

What I've always been less comfortable with is a God who loves me. That's because I know, deep down, that I'm not lovable.

Guess what? I'm right, and God loves me anyway.

That's the premise of this, Chan's first book. God loves you, not only more than you know but more than you can know. God loves his children with all of his heart, and his heart is infinite. He has crazy love for you.

For a first book, this is very accomplished. It is straightforward, focused tightly on its theme. Too often,a pastor's first book feels like a collection of sermons hammered to fit into a central theme, because that's often what it is. This book feels ... like a book. I'm not sure how to explain it.

At any rate, I'd recommend it. It's very good, and Chan has only gotten better.

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