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27 February 2015

Who was conceived by the Holy Ghost, born of the Virgin Mary

Jesus Christ was both God and man. This line is just an affirmation of that.

Jesus was God because he was the Son of God. Like begets like. The child of a shark is a shark. The child of a dog is a dog. And the child of God is God. Since God was his father, he partook of the divine nature.

But he also had a human parent, Mary. From her Jesus got a human nature. I'm not sure how the divine and human coexisted in him, but some things you just have to take on faith.

One thing we should never have any nonsense about it being easy for him because he was really God. From his birth, when there  was no place for him but a stable in the world he made, to his death, during which the Father with whom he'd had eternal communion turned his back on the Son he'd always loved, divinity made it harder, not easier,

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  1. I have many thoughts on this subject, but in summary, I believe that Jesus was God in the beginning & now, but during his time on earth, although he was the Son of God, he was 100% man filled with the Holy Spirit. Consequently, not only did he die as a perfect sinless sacrifice for our sins, he also demonstrated how we too can & must live in the power & presence of the Holy Spirit.