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14 February 2015

Review: THE SACRED ROMANCE by Brent Curtis and John Eldredge

This is the only book Eldredge co-authored with his friend Brent Curtis. Perhaps not coincidentally, it's also his best one. 

The premise of the book is simple: Christianity is less a system of doctrines to learn than it is a romance between God and the Christian. It's a timely message, even though the book itself is going on 20 years old at this point. 

Unfortunately, we tend to look at what people say they believe. As long as they can okay a list of beliefs, we welcome them into fellowship, regardless of the effect or lack thereof of their professed relationship with God. 

I don't blame pastors. Many are overworked, and almost all are under pressure to add members. They just don't have time to run after people to see if the love of God is growing within them. It's not their job anyway. 

It's all of ours.. That's why this book was written for laymen. Just as importantly, it was written by laymen. As in all of Eldredge's books, mountains and the West are overemphasized, but readers willing to look past that will find a great deal of good here. 

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